Today I tried a few more oddities. I’ve only edited one of the four movies I shot, but it was the best one. In this short I try fermented bean curd. I know people around the world love this stuff, but it was almost too much for me to handle. The first bite locked up my jaw after a couple of seconds. I tried to swallow it, but my throat said “hell no!” I was irritated that a little square of vegetable matter had beaten me, so I came back for a second round. This time I was able to swallow the putrid little piece of bean curd then it ran around in my stomach like a rabid squirrel for a few hours. I know people don’t usually eat the stuff right out of the jar, but I didn’t have any recipes for the stuff so plain it was. I’m not out to try to intentionally poke fun at foreign foods. If you like fermented bean curd, and think I am over reacting then tell me how you like to eat it. I’d gladly try it again if I had a decent recipe.

MMmmmm stinky.