I got a new box of goodies in the mail today from Parthenon Foods. I only got through a few of them, because my stomach started to grumble once they all got mixed up in ma belly. Here are some of the movies I completed today.


First we have Malban with Walnuts. It’s pretty much Turkish Delight, but with a LOT more gelatin. It was like walnuts wrapped in rubber. With all of the chewing involved, you could probably use it for a jaw exerciser. I hear they make one with pistachios….MMMmmmm that one sounds like a winner to me.




This next one was me being stupid, and not just throwing away the REALLY strong pickled eggs left over from a previous taste test. I decided to make a Willy’s Spicy Pickled Egg-salad sandwich. I made the mistake of breathing in deeply with half of the sandwich under my nose….It was like Wasabi, but in a bad way. Some times being stubborn, and a really strong stomach don’t play well together…Needless to say, I won’t be making more of those any time soon.



And finally we have licorice flavored melon seeds. I guess they are supposed to be a cheaper alternative to pumpkin seeds, but without the yummy pumpkin seed flavor. They were really hard, and stuck to your teeth when you chewed them. I’ll stick to pumpkin seeds….