I know every generation claims the next generation following them will doom us all. My grandparents said it about my parents generation, my parents said it about my generation….I however, have reason to fear the generation following mine…I was sitting on the bench outside the classroom where my evening class was being held when a twenty something girl walked up to me, and asked if I had the time. I showed her my watch which is shown in the picture below. Please excuse the crappy picture, but I took it with a “phone”. That is my reflection in the watch face not a trolls.

Yes, this is a crappy picture, but she could see it fine. She glanced at my watch, and shrugged her shoulders. I said it was 1:55pm. She said “thanks, I couldn’t read it”. She then explained that she usually uses the clock on her cell phone, but the battery had died? I’m wondering why can’t she tell time on a thing that uses hands like any normal six-year-old should be able to do?  I’m also thinking to myself if the hands fooled her, why didn’t she just look at the digital numbers that were right under the cryptic hands? Hmmm I’m thinking I need to go slap a few parents, and a few elementary school teachers for churning out retarded kids…..Technology is sometimes a good thing.