You know what really bothers me? When I’m really, REALLY agitated about something. I mean on the verge of punching a hole in something agitated, and someone tells me my bark is worse than my bite? Like the person knows I won’t do anything about what’s bothering me. That’s right I probably won’t do anything about it. You know what? The people around me are lucky I won’t. The last time someone went nose to nose with me and mistakenly said “what are you gonna do about it?” they ended up halfway through a friend’s kitchen wall. That was expensive, and almost cost me a friendship. THAT is why my bark is worse than my bite. Because my bite is pretty friggin big, and when I bite, someone usually gets damaged, and I wind up in trouble. It doesn’t matter who is in the wrong, I will take the blame, because I am usually twice the size of the person who got hurt. I’m a pretty big guy. I used to be somewhat of a power lifter, and I used to have a really short fuse (yeah nice combination). I had no issues showing people exactly where a specific situation went awry. Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I don’t do that anymore. I’ve grown what you would call a thick skin. BUT, I still hate when I get really mad about something, and someone just poo poos me like I’m some sort of 4lb yippie dog that everyone just ignores.


Sorry, just venting