OK, so I’m stupid. I’ve been seeing all of these idiots on Youtube doing the warhead challenge in some way shape or form. Warheads are semi-sour candy gummies that are covered in sugar which kills the slight sour taste. Extreme Sour Warheads are a different story. They are hard candy that is coated in a super sour (malic acid) substance that makes you drool uncontrollably for a few minutes until the coating wears revealing a sweet hard candy center. Anyway, the warhead challenge is to see how many candies you can put in your mouth, and keep them there for as long as you can without puking. The numbers range from 5 at a time to 200 over a period of time. I chose to do 16, because that was how many came in a package. These things are pretty sour. The first round went fine. I scrunched up my face a few times, but I held my ground. I didn’t want to chew up 16 hard candies at once, so I spit the leftover sweet part out. When I went to shut the camera off, I noticed that it had shut itself off already……It actually shut off half way through the whole ordeal, so lucky me, I had another package!

Round two was horrible, the substance that gives the sour taste is really rough on your mouth, and is especially hard on your mouth after you follow the first 16 with another 16! It’s been a few hours, and my tongue is still blue, and my whole mouth feels like it has a sunburn. Personally I think the candy tastes like shit. More like peel you teeth industrial chemical shit. I’m done with the whole warheads thing. I tried to eat some warm soup to help out my mouth, and I couldn’t really taste it, so I’m figuring I blew out my taste buds. According to the package, my mouth will return to normal shortly. Whee! I can’t wait…..no really, I can’t wait…


The aftermath…


They look so innocent after you slurp off all of the hell coating.

This was right after the second batch. Three hours, and a bowl of soup later, and the blue is finally beginning to fade.


It’s been over five hours since I did this, and my mouth is still kind of messed up. I haven’t been able to taste anything salty or sweet for a while. I tried to drink some broth and eat some crackers a bit ago, and the broth tasted like dishwater, and the crackers tasted like dough. I think I’m going to throw the rest of this crap candy in the trash.