How am I weird? Let me count the ways.

1) What is my favorite word?

– My favorite word is “Dumbass”. I use it a lot. Some of my other favorite words are: Knucklehead, piquant, and close. Dumbass is my favorite though….

2) What word do I dislike?

– It’s a draw between Bro, and Dawg. If you call me either of these words, I will call you my favorite word.

3) What movies will I watch no matter how many times I have seen them?

– There are a few. Television, DVD, or movie theatre, it doesn’t matter. Some of these movies I have seen at least 20 times.

a. Goonies – Because Goonies never say die.

b. Road house – I don’t know either. Maybe its 1980’s Kelly Lynch.

c. Whip It – Come on, its roller derby.

d. The Royal Tenenbaums – I love stories about dysfunction.

e. The Apartment – Once again; dysfunction wins. What’s not to like about Jack Lemon, and 1960’s Shirley MacLaine?

f. Master and Commander – I like sailing ships.

g. Stranger Than Fiction – This is my newest addiction.

4) What are my favorite foods?

– It’s a tossup between barbeque, hot dogs, and tacos. There are a lot more, but these are simple.

5) What food will I eat even if I am so full I could barf?

– Once again it’s a tossup between bacon, barbeque, and beef jerky. I can’t buy beef jerky, because I will eat the whole bag in a few hours.

6) What irritates me?

– People who can’t shut up and be quiet, or people who always talk loud enough for everyone to hear.

7) Where do I want to go in the world? A few places.

a. Scotland – it’s where half of me came from.

b. France – Mainly Brittany, and Paris.

c. Yucatan, Mexico – I’ve been there before, and I’d like to go again.

d. Australia – I have always wanted to rent a four-wheel drive, and drive along the dingo fence. It stretches almost 3500 miles. You could see a lot in 3500 miles.

*There are a few more for various reasons, but I need to keep this semi-short, so we all don’t die from boredom.

8) What do I want to do before I die? A few simple things.

a. Bake a decent French baguette. So far I’ve only made mediocre bread flavored baseball bats…

b. Go on a road trip to see the sights in my own country. I’ve seen some pretty amazing places, but there are plenty more that need seeing like old route 66, and seeing the sun rise and set over the Grand Canyon.

c. To be truly happy again. Either A or B would probably do that. Kind of a weird thing to say, but I haven’t felt truly happy for a while now..It’ll come back though. sometime…

9) Am I, or have I ever been married?

– No, I will probably never get married. I’m not against being in a relationship…I just don’t see it happening any time soon.

10) What was the dumbest thing I have ever done?

– I’ve done a lot of dumb things in my lifetime. Not paying attention in school when I was younger is one of them. When I was pretty little, my brother dared me to stick a Good-n-Plenty candy in my nose…..twice….both times I hade to go to the hospital to have them removed. Yes, I was a dumb kid. Another is taking two heaping spoons of “The Man” hot sauce at Dixie’s BBQ in Bellevue Washington. I ate that stuff almost 10 years ago, and I think my mouth can still feel the burn. heh

10) What are my favorite drinks?

a. Water – Yeah boring I know….I drink a lot of it though. Better than drinking soda all day.

b. Mexican beer – especially when I’m at the beach, or in the desert. Sand between the toes makes a lot of things better.

c. Good tea – I am a tea snob. I only like certain types. My favorite is honey bush tea from South Africa, hibiscus tea, and Jasmine tea. I drink all tea, but these are my favorites.

d. Soda fountain soda – That sounds weird, but soda from a fountain has less sweet stuff in it. Overly sweet things make me sick. I don’t drink a lot of soda, but   when I do, I prefer it to be a little watery.

e. I also like what I call the holy trinity of booze +1: Vodka, Gin, Bourbon, and Scotch. I’m no boozer, but I prefer older drinks from the 50’s and 60’s. Back when alcohol was considered good for you. hahahahaha I love a good martini, and I get irritated with bartenders who can’t make a good one. A fancy drink for me would be a harvey walbanger just because most young bartenders don’t know how to make them…..

11) What are my favorite television shows?

a. No Reservations – Anthony Bourdain and I think a lot alike. I never get to travel anywhere, so I use travel shows to explore the world ariound me. He hates        touristy things and places(just like me), so this show allows me to see a lot of places I would probably go to if I were to ever leave my house.

b. The Dead Files – Don’t judge me…I like a good ghost story. I’ve experienced a few weird things over the years, and I hope to experience a few more.

c. American Pickers – I love history, so I like watching these guys rescue antiques from the junk heap. People don’t care about old things any more. We have         become a disposable society, and that bothers me. You can learn a lot from the past.

d. America Restoration – For the same reasons listed in answer “c” above.

There are a lot more things I could write, but since not very many people will actually read this list I have burdened you all with, I’ll end it here. If you want to know anything more about me just ask. I like talking to the interweb, and it’s people.