Yesterday I stopped in at the local florist, because they have a sign out front advertising British goods alongside a big Union Jack hanging in the window. I’ve seen it before, but I’ve never had a chance to check them out. There were loads of canned goods, packaged treats, and even a freezer full of baked goods like steak and kidney pie, sausages, and meat pies. Even thought the meat products were made over in Portland, the sight made me giddy. I’m a HUGE fan of pork pies, and blood sausage, so I bought one of each (I will sample those later). I also noticed they carried canned haggis? I have heard of such things, but since there is a strict ban on the importation of meat into the US I thought I would never be able to try it. This particular brand was made by a company in the states, but all it was missing was the lungs, and heart. Other than that, it was real haggis…..well ok it was also in a can, but I can look past that.

I decided to try it for breakfast today, and was pleasantly surprised. Straight out of the can it was pretty dry. I am assuming that was due to the oats. Once I heated it p a little, and added a tablespoon of water to it the meat became nice and fluffy. It tasted good on toast, and even in a tortilla with fried egg, and “Frank’s red Hot” hot sauce. The vinegar in the sauce cut right through the richness of the liver. If you like Offal then I highly recommend trying haggis.