After trying to take a nap in my jeep again I have come to the conclusion that I need a new vehicle. Don’t get me wrong, I like my jeep, but it really lacks a lot of the creature comforts you get with a larger vehicle. You may be asking yourself “just what type of vehicle are we talking about?” Well, I’m thinking a 70’s era van or an ice cream truck would be perfect. Both would be real cheap (no one would be caught dead in one).


The van would be big enough that I could actually stretch out when I take an afternoon snooze, and I could outfit the inside with a work station complete with wifi and a printer. The reasoning behind choosing such an old van would be its ALL metal construction which would allow me to survive a collision with anything smaller than a train. The ice cream truck could serve the same purpose, but the table setup would have to be a restaurant style corner booth.

The ice cream truck would take a little more work, because the big windows would be sort of a security problem, but they would allow plenty of air flow on a warm day. I could even leave one of the refrigerators in it, so I could enjoy a frosty beverage while I studied.