Here are some movies I have watched, and my crappy reviews of them.


Documentaries! Documentaries! Documentaries!

I’ve watched a few over this past week. Some were informative, some were kind of sad, and some really pissed me off. Let’s begin with informative shall we. The story was called “Ingredients: Who’s Your Farmer”, and it was about the local food movement. The farms showcased in the documentary were all pretty close to my house which makes me happy, because now I know I can go to a local place to buy organically grown produce from a small independently run farm. This not only supports the local farms, but provides me with really good quality food.

Ever since I put together a few research papers on food conglomerates, I’ve really made an effort to NOT buy their mass-produced shit basically. These giant growers/producers are trying to run the little guy out of town which sucks, because the larger producers don’t grow much of a variety, and they grow genetically altered foods. I don’t think people should mess with nature, because it seems to work pretty well on its own. I also don’t agree with spending a million dollars on man power, and gasoline just to make sure I can buy something that is naturally out of season in my city. I don’t need fresh peaches from South America in December: I can wait until next summer for them. There are plenty of seasonal things to eat close to home. I also don’t like the larger growers producing one variety of something in the millions of tons when I can go to a small farm around the corner, and purchase a variety (tomatoes) from Mom & Pop’s farm. Mass produced foods are a real source of irritation for me (as if you couldn’t tell), so I’ll cut this rant short.

Check it out. Who knows, you may get inspired to look for your own local market/farm.



The second documentary I watched was called “Patriocracy”, and to tell you the truth, it wiped out any shred of hope that my country will ever successfully pull its head out of its ass. The story pretty much points out in glaring detail how our political system has dropped “for the good of the country” attitude, and replaced it with a put up a fight, and win at all costs attitude (purely because they hate the other side). I’m not pointing fingers at either side, but when a congressman plainly says “I vow to spend every waking hour shooting down any policy proposed by that man (President Obama), and trying to undo everything he has already passed” I think he has completely missed the point as to what a public servant does? He needs to re-evaluate, and do two things: one, respect the Presidential position even though you don’t like the man (he’s essentially your damn boss), and second, try to spend your time in that expensive chair doing more productive things like working together with other political type people to try and “unfuck” the United States.

I really don’t see that happening any time soon, because most politicians seem to be into it for the fight, and the eventual book deal, and care very little about anything but themselves, and how they look. Personally I would like to see them all lined up and bitch slapped. Maybe that will snap them out of fight mode, and put them back into let’s put our heads together for the common good of our nation. “The nation they work for”……assholes…






Thirdly we have “Atomic Mom” which is about Pauline Silvia who was a Navy biologist who worked for the military’s nuclear program during the 50’s and 60’s. She did a lot of work at the Nevada Test site, and at government laboratories in Northern California. It’s been fifty years since she left the program, and she is still haunted by her contribution to nuclear research, and the overall damage it caused our planet. She was sworn to secrecy when she left the program which forced her to deal with her demons on her own until her filmmaker daughter found out she was no longer forbidden to speak of what she actually did for the government (and national security). Some of her stories sound more like the script from a horror movie. She seems to be suffering from a multitude of health issues caused by her prolonged exposure to radiation, and radioactive environments, but she wouldn’t talk about her sickness. Instead it’s as though she is trying to make amends with those who ended up on the receiving end of our nation’s atomic “research”.

Saying I liked this documentary wouldn’t sound right. The documentary did enlighten me on just how insane our government seemed to have gotten once they discovered the atom, and the power it contained. I have mixed feelings about nuclear power/weapons just because any accident has the potential to be SO lethal and SO permanent (recent catastrophe in Japan). Sure it’s a source of energy, but is that worth forever destroying parts of the planet with testing, and possible accidents? I don’t know that is is….