I guess I didn’t have high hopes for any of the snacks I tried today, but I decided to try them any way. All three were disgusting. I’m not putting down anyone who likes them; I’m just saying they are definitely not for me. The mango was harvested from the area right around the seed, so they had that hairy texture to them. They were also packages with some pretty scary preservatives. The smell almost knocked me out. I think the only reason they were double packed was to fool the inspectors at the border into thinking it was normal.

The second was named the same as the first package (I think this manufacturer is trying to save money by putting all of their products in the same packages). I’m not a fan of salted plums, and these were salted plums with chili “I think” which sucked all of the water out of my mouth, and replaced it with a salt/sour/bitter taste that immediately made my stomach tighten.

Third I tried teriyaki squid which was by far the worst. The poor squid was cooked to oblivion then smashed up before packaging. I don’t know how these companies make a living selling foods that look and taste disgusting. Once again, I’m not knocking the food…I’m knocking the people who produce food products that not only look like shit, they taste like shit. If they paid more attention to their product, or gave a crap about their product, this wouldn’t exist. If I were a business owner that produced some of these snacks I would be embarrassed to sell this to the general public. I only paid a dollar for the whole package, so I guess I can’t complain, but damn these were bad.