For the longest time I said having a camera on a phone was stupid. Unfortunately camera phones have become the norm, and now we all get to see people’s crappy quality cell phone pictures. I still get irritated when people are at birthdays, parties, holidays, and such, and they keep yelling “hold it! I need to get a picture!” Then they stand there, hand shaking, trying to hold their phone still enough for the tiny lens to focus, so the people being photographed don’t look like swishy ghosts. What kills me the most is these people all own really nice cameras?  I am one of those holdouts that still owns a real live camera, and I enjoy using it. Although I have been known to take pictures with my crappy cell phone I still prefer to use a real camera. The main reason I don’t like using MY phone is because I never do anything with those cruddy quality pictures once they’ve been taken. It’s been over a year since I downloaded any pictures off my poor camera, and it has begun to resemble a digital dust bin. Well last night I decided to do something about that…….I have a lot of odd pictures, so I am going to break this digital dump up into a few posts.



Like I said, crappy camera = crappy pictures. This is my crappy picture of a beautiful day. It looks to be in the school parking lot, so I am probably eating lunch in my Jeep.


Giant body…..peanut head. I should like this photo of me. From 20 feet away and in dim lighting I don’t look so fat, and my head doesn’t look like a 5 gallon bucket. I guess cell phones can be slimming after all.


I don’t have insurance, and I used to have to sit here in the rain for up to three hours in order to see a doctor. American healthcare rocks!


I’m glad this person found chalk and not a permanent marker. This was at the bus stop right in front of the police station.


This was a picture in the window of the Women’s Studies class I attended last spring. In case you can’t really see the picture, it shows a couple of women holding some poor guy down while they cut his throat. It almost made me feel welcome in the class. Hooray for Humanities credits!


The most magical place on earth is not Disney. The most magical place on earth is Stan’s Donuts in Santa Clara California. No! This is more magical than that place you were just thinking of….


Because they make these……These pictures were taken just before I had to drive home after my mini vacation back to California to visit the best friends ever. I promised not to tell, but Ian and I ate three or four of these each in one sitting. I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep on the drive home.

That’s all for now.