Well for dinner I had a beef patty, faux mashed potatoes (wizzed up cauliflower with fake cheese and butter), Brussels sprouts, and a salad with no dressing.


It wasn’t too bad even though I am about ready to inflict bodily harm to get a bit of a good baguette. Bread BREAD! is the killer here. I likes me some bread, but the slightest bit keeps me close to the restroom for about four hours. I tried a plain piece of wheat toast with breakfast, and paid dearly for it. So far the Adkins thing is working pretty well, because I’ve lost 4lbs since Christmas. I seem to be dialing in what I can and can’t eat a little better. I just wish I could figure it out without the bouts of diarrhea.

I started a second blog to track my new life with Mr. Diabetes, but keeping two blogs is a pain in the ass, so we’ll just keep this one for now…