I love it when people try to belittle me via the internet. Arguing with someone electronically just makes you look and sound like an idiot. Most of the time I just blow off smart ass comments. Let me also say that I hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Yeah, let me just throw that out there. She like a lot of other celebrities needs to shut her mouth, because most of the time her comments on world events make her look like an uninformed rube. Sometimes I wish she would use a dictionary to look up the word “rhetoric”. Anyway, I commented on a YouTube video where she shot of her mouth about another celebrity then got ignored by that celebrity when she came on The View. I thought it was hilarious that she was shunned during the celebrity’s visit, and commented that Elisabeth was dumber than a mud fence. She obviously didn’t get that she was being ignored because she basically called this woman a bitch a couple of days before in another interview. Lots of people seemed to agree with me, because my comment received a lot of “thumbs up” clicks. This means I’m not the only one who thinks she has a lot in common with a mud fence.

Since making my comment some non- Hasselbeck haters have lashed out towards me for speaking my mind. If they attacked me for my comment I wouldn’t care, because they would just be voicing their own views which is fine. What’s funny is they are attacking me as a person which has caused me to retaliate. Those who know me know that one of my super hero powers is a lightning fast smart mouth, so naturally I attack them back. Most of the people didn’t make much sense, and have since been removed for being negative. This amuses me because my comment still stands. Today I got another one from a nasty little man who apparently lives in Australia. I don’t blame Australia. It’s just where he lives according to his YouTube bio. I’ll start with his comment, then my reply to his comment, and the reply I left on his YouTube page.

My original comment: “Hasselbeck is dumber than a mud fence.”  (Simple and to the point)

JR’s response:  “i want to shit on your face. where do you live?” (I’m not sure what he means by this, but I’m sure it was intended to be derogatory.)

My response to JR: “Sorry, I’m not into poop games. You’ll have to go find a coffee can or a bucket, so you can play quietly by yourself.”

After reviewing JR’s YouTube page it looks as though he only opened his own page so he could leave nasty comments on hundreds of random pages. Because of this he has received dozens of hate messages back from those recently tagged.

Here the message I left on JR’s front page along with the rest of the people he recently pissed off.  I only left this, because he seems to leave violent poop related comments on every page he views, so there are literally dozens of hate comments on his page from the rest of the world.


“WOW, you seem to have some kind of smart ass comment for everything on YouTube? Your anger leads me to believe one of two things. One, you either lost your penis in some kind of masturbatory accident, or two, you are under five feet tall. I will say keep up the good work, because your comments, for the most part, can be amusing to read. I can’t do much about your height, but according to Animal Planet a lizard’s tail will grow back a couple of weeks after being pulled off. Maybe if you leave your pee pee thing alone for a bit, it might grow back as well. Maybe then you wouldn’t be so angry.”

Have a nice day!


I kind of hope he writes back, because I haven’t had a chance to go head to head with another smart ass in a long time, and I need to keep my skills sharp. This may sound like a huge waste of time, but I don’t have to be back to school for another week. I have a lot of time on my hands….hahahahaha