Yes folks I found more durian stuff! These little tuile type cookies tasted pretty good. Durian is not listed in the ingredients, but the manufacturer does list something called “permitted flavor”. I hope that’s the durian part. The crunchy cookie part makes everything smell more like vanilla than durian. After eating about three of them, I realized the durian flavor comes into play. If you burp any time during the next five hours or so you’ll figure it out as well. These little suckers have the same after effects you get from fresh durian……which would be a nasty flavored/smelling footy oniony smelling burps. I didn’t mind it too much because I’ve eaten all sorts of durian and durian flavored things. If you are a fan of durian, I would highly recommend these little snacks.

Being a new diabetic, I am now watching my carb intake so reading labels has become a my new hobby so to speak. The durian cookie serving size is four cookies, and they have less carbs than the two per serving crappy sugar free Oreos I bought from the same place. Looks like I’ll get more of these, and save the sugar free Oreos for when irritating people come to visit.