I was bored today, so I decided to crack into my goodie bag. Today’s sample was Vegetarian Mock Duck. I was mainly wheat gluten that was seasoned with water, soy sauce, and salad oil then thrown into a press so one side was all dimply like real duck skin. The problem with this stuff is they put too much liquid in the can so all the “mock meat” resembled wads of wet cardboard instead of duck meat. The flavor wasn’t horrible; it just tasted like wheat gluten. Everything that’s made with wheat gluten tastes the same…. Like wheat gluten.  Personally I think real duck would have been less of a hassle to eat, and would have had far better flavor. I think most meatless things are made by people who don’t eat meat because the end product doesn’t even closely resemble the meat it has been forced to imitate. I also still wonder why vegetarians insist on pressing their no meat grass into the shapes of animal parts? Oh well…I did eat most of it, so it couldn’t have been that bad.