So they seem to be looking for a new Pope. How does one find a new Pope? The news said there are 90 Pope hopefuls there now trying to get picked. They all have their little posses with new popesthem like boxers entering a ring. One is the towel guy, one is the cut man, and of course there is the guy who carries the spit bucket. I wonder how much a Cardinal’s ring man gets paid. Do they get more for being on the winning team as opposed to the ones who get sent home?  How do they choose just one? Is there 0some kind of all Pope gong show where the grand prize is getting to wear the cool red shoes, or do they hold a Vatican style cage match where 90 may enter, but only one may leave. Maybe it’s as simple as a lot of rock paper scissors. What they will probably do is just use the old standby which is look for the oldest one in the crowd.rockpaperscissors