Texting makes you stupid! You don’t believe me?

<Read this.>

“Hey man I like ur vids a bit of advice, instead of doing the slide show first , itd probably be best id you talk about it so everything you would put on the slideshow you would chat about instead u might get more subs that way x”


Holy Shit! What’s sad if the person who wrote this comment on one of my videos looked to be around sixteen years old. That makes me really sad. Now I don’t claim to be a literary genius, but a chimp could scratch out a more intelligent comment with a stick. People! It’s called spelling. We need to spell in order to communicate with each other! How are these people supposed to find work when they leave the nest and head out on their own? I sure as hell wouldn’t hire someone who gave me a resume with “Im like the teevee, pork chop sanwichand ur cool, id lookin for kk ball  L8!” What the fuck! If you are a texter there is nothing wrong with using whole words. Cutting words to save time in a text message is ok I guess, but DON’T SPELL LIKE THAT ON EVERYTHING ELSE YOU WRITE…..IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A MORON. I had to peer review a paper for a fellow college student that was twelve pages long. The paper had punctuation on the first page, and nothing else? I asked the student about the missing grammar, and his reply was “What are you the grammar police?” Really? I told him I couldn’t review his paper, because I kept running out of breath at page three or so. He didn’t get the joke. I ended up telling him it was fabulous, and he should just turn it in like it was. After that, he stopped asking me for help. Thank God!

Texting language is making us all stupid! Whole words cost the same to make as half words. USE THE WHOLE WORDS! Maybe then we will know what the hell you are babbling about.