I know I haven’t written anything in a long long, time, but I’ve been busy being lazy. I’m about three-quarters though spring break. I’ve done nothing so far but buy books for next quarter which starts in less than a week. I did pretty well last quarter (2 A’s and a B). This next quarter I will be taking four classes, but will be spending less time on campus as I did last quarter when I had three classes, and my earliest class doesn’t even begin until noon. Don’t ask me how things ended up like that, but I’ll take it.

This next quarter I will be taking the final part of a keyboarding class, introduction to infectious disease, intro to pharmacology, and legal aspects of the medical office. The last one is basically a HIPAA class which is the law as it pertains to patient rights and confidentiality (fun stuff I know I can’t wait!). Believe it or not, the hardest class is going to be the keyboarding class. Sure I can type 55 words a minute, but it’s only when I use my modified turbo-hen peck technique which is using 6 – 7 fingers and looking at the keyboard. I’ve really been trying hard to type the correct way, but old, faster habits die hard. I’ve been getting A’s on the timed tests, but only because I have been sort of cheating by looking and using my speedy hen peck technique. I really have been trying to do the right thing. I even bought one of those annoying ergonomic keyboards. Not because I am afraid of getting carpal tunnel, but because the keyboard is split in the middle so each key is pressed by the correct finger. It has taken a little getting used to, but has made it harder to skip around the keys like I’m not supposed to do.

On the diabetes front, a few weeks ago I had another round of blood tests done, and everything came back normal. I still have type 2 diabetes, but it is totally under control. In December my A1-C was at 12 (really bad) and scared the crap out of me. I was able to pull a 180 with my diet and totally turned everything around is less than three months. Now my A1-C is 7, my liver is no longer acting like it belonged to an alcoholic, my kidneys are good, and my cholesterol and triglycerides are normal (my LDL cholesterol dropped 40 points). Oddly the one thing I feel bad about is that fact that I’ve made fun of vegans my whole life, and now I’m about 90% vegan. Jokes on me right but in a good way. Since I switched to a plant based diet, I think they’ll forgive me. Who’d a thunk cutting out processed foods, all fast foods, all extra sugar, and almost all dairy could make such a huge change in the sate of my health. I still eat some meat, but it’s usually chicken, fish or turkey. My doctor was very impressed with my sudden change for the good. I asked her is there was a chance I could completely fix the diabetes thing, and she said yes. Since my blood sugar has stabilized, I dropped back to testing once a day. If the next test results are the same or better I could reduce the potency of the meds I have to take twice a day. I asked her if it would be possible to eventually get off the meds (diabetes and blood pressure), and she said yes as long as I keep up the good progress. That may be as much as a year away, but knowing it is a possibility makes me very happy. Sure I still eat weird stuff for YouTube, but those are only tastes, I never eat the whole thing. A mouthful here and there is harmless. Hooray for getting healthy! For a while there I was convinced I was on the fast track for checking out early. One side effect of eating whole foods is mood improvement. I feel better now. I haven’t felt very up beat in a long time. Hooray for feeling good too.

I decided to follow a plant based diet after watching two movies. One was Forks Over Knives which is about a biologist, and a medical doctor who have been studying the benefits of a plant based diet for over 30 years. It really opened my eyes to how bad the foods I was eating affected me in a bad way, and how easy it would be to turn things around. It has been easy. I have been eating good, and I’ve lost some more weight on top of getting my bodily functions working right again. The second movie was May I Be Frank which is about Frank, a sad, overweight San Francisco resident who totally changes his life/health for the better after dropping all of his bad habits and switching over to a vegan diet. They are both on Netflix if you are interested.

What’s funny about telling people I am following a plant based diet is no mater how good I am doing, no matter how much weight I have lost, or how good my bodily functions have improved the usual response is “You don’t eat meat or dairy anymore? Oh! Be careful”. Be careful of what getting healthy and actually living a full life? Yeah, I’ll be carful and do that. hahahaha

Here are the trailers for those two movies if you might be interested.