For some reason I started watching a series of videos on Youtube of a guy talking his way through the game Far Cry 3. It’s like a train wreck; I can’t look away? I don’t know if it’s the guy’s goofy commentary while he’s playing the game, or it’s because I suck at playing those types of games? So far I’ve made it to episode 16 out of 55 or so. In a way it’s cheaper than Netflix….


I suppose I should give him some props for close to a million subscribers, and over 300 million views

He goes by the name “theRadBrad”, and he has posted over 2400 video game commentary/walkthrough videos. He has to be doing this full time, because there is now way an employed person would have that much time to play video games, film them, edit the films, and post them to Youtube. I’m only a student, and I have almost no time to keep up with filming, editing, and posting my eating escapades.

I hear you can make a decent living off of Youtube. Boogie2988 is another one I follow just because I know a lot of people who act like one of his characters “Francis”. He just posted this morning that he just broke 400,000 subscribers, and all he does is act the fool about video games, and video game politics. He uses a few characters to get his point across (and sadly it helps that he is over 400lbs), but people can’t seem to get enough of his videos whether they love him of hate him.


Boogie can be pretty funny at times. I think it’s the whole “being someone else in front of a camera”. It’s kind of fun.

In some way I think it would be really cool to be able to continue my eating on-screen habits, and actually get paid for it. It’s kind of fun. When you are in front of a camera you can be someone else as much as you want. I’m pretty much me in my videos, but maybe that’s where I am going wrong. A lot of people watch eating videos on Youtube in the hopes that someone will throw up. I guess it’s like watching NASCAR for the wrecks. After posting 64 videos, I have not thrown up once. Maybe I should switch to eating my weird food in my Luchador mask and a thong? That way I could get my fans to throw up instead of me. Puke is puke. Now all I need is a few hundred thousand more subscribers. hahahahahaha

What can I say…I’m a ratings whore. I promise I won’t film anything in a thong….unless your into that kind of stuff…I may consider it.

Like I said, I’m a ratings whore. hahahahaha