Yesterday was an all around shitty day.


First I left the house. Got to the end of the street, and remembered my homework was sitting on my desk. I drove back to get it then stopped by the bagel place thats on the way to school for some num nums.

When I walked out of the bagel place I then realized had I left my friggin meds at home, so I drove two miles back home to get my damn drugs.

I finally got to school, got some reading done while sitting in my Jeep. The sun came out so I stepped out of the Jeep then I heard the door go “click”. I just remembered that I put my car keys in my book bag instead of my jacket pocket LIKE I ALWAYS DO TO KEEP ME FROM LOCKING MYSELF OUT OF MY OWN CAR. “That’s what happens when you deviate from the norm.”

Now I can’t get back into my car, and my wallet, keys, phone, and everything else I had out at the time is sitting right there in plain view. I walked to the nearest building, and called security to see if someone could open my car.

They said he was on his way.

Forty-five minutes later the guy shows up. He pulls our all of his cool tools and his little air pump, but he can’t get the lock to budge. Turns out my shitty 1989 Jeep Cherokee is a pretty theft proof vehicle. The rain gutter keeps him from wedging the top of the door open which would have been easier, and the locking mechanism is a manual horizontal lever that doesn’t open if you pull on the inside handle.

Then he asks me where my keys are?

CIMG3038aNotice my very secure bag. The keys are in the small zipped closed compartment by the arrow. Also notice that the zipper doesn’t have a hole in it to grab with the hook. He then got crafty, and actually got the zipper to push open with the hook then after about ten minutes was able to fish my keys out of the pocket.


The keys had other plans. Instead of staying on the hook, they hopped off  onto the floor. I got lucky. because the water bottle you now see in the console was originally on the floor which kept the keys from heading under the seat. At this point it had been 30 minutes, and I had just about enough fun for the morning. I asked him if he knew what the weather was supposed to be like that day. I told him I was tired of messing around and I was just going to punch out the vent window. I knew as soon as I did that the sky would cloud up and it would begin to rain.

He says hang in there, and another ten minutes later he hooked the keys, I pulled on the top of the door, and the keys came out. I asked him if he was a felon in a previous life, and he said he was studying to be a nurse. I guess he was working at odd jobs around the campus to help pay his tuition. I told him if the nursing thing didn’t pan out he could always be a car thief.

Now that my vehicle was open, I could see that the hook tool had done some nice damage to my already crappy paint job.



I had to sign a waiver before he started working on my key situation saying that the school was not responsible for any damage. I didn’t care too much. The Jeep is pretty beat, and the doors scratched still look better than the other 99% of the paint.

Now that I was free, I had another ten hours of classes to sit through. Hooray! Tuesday is my late day, and most of the classes I have are one and two days a week, so missing them is not an option. The only consolation was catching a nice sunset after the last class let out at 8pm.



After all is said and done, I guess the old Jeepy is tougher than I thought. If anyone ever tries to be sneaky and steal it, the swearing will give them away.

I hate days like this, but if they all end like this, I guess I don’t mind.