I went to buy a kitchen appliance from a large chain store this morning. It turned out they were out of this particular item, so I asked for help either tracking one down at another store, or ordering one so it could be shipped to this store (it’s close to my house). When the employee dragged herself up to me I asked about the item, and all she replied was “I have no idea, I didn’t even bring a scanner with me”. I assumed the conversation was over when she turned away and started fixing the items that were on shelves next to her. I asked if she could look to see if another store had any, and she said it usually means the manufacturer is out of them? Hmmm. I told her I guess I’ll just get one on-line. She said “yeah, that would probably be best?”

I used to work retail, and I know BS when I hear it. If its 8:30 and you are already too tired to give a shit about your job you need to go do something else with your time. When I got home, I looked up the item on Amazon, and found out they had it for a few bucks less, and free two day shipping. NICE! I was still pissed about the crappy service I got from the big store, so I decided to send them a nice letter.
 “I would like to thank the person at the #*#*#*#*#*#* Ave store, who totally blew me off when I asked about a kitchen appliance that was out of stock. All I did was ask if she knew when you might get more of this item in and she replied “I have no idea, I didn’t even bring a scanner with me?” then turned away. I assumed the conversation was over when she started straightening some boxes on the shelves that were next to her?
The reason I wanted to thank her is she saved me the trouble of ordering the item from another one of your stores which probably would have inconvenienced another one of your employees. Thank God that didn’t happen, because we all know how busy your stores are at 8:30 in the morning. I also want to thank her for saving me the trouble of buying about $80.00 worth of produce I had planned on using in the $60.00 appliance she couldn’t help me find.  
Don’t worry, I was able to find the same item on Amazon, and they will have it on my doorstep this Friday. Thank you again for the huge savings, and I apologize for waking up your employee, she probably could have used another hour of sleep in whatever isle she came from…”

Like I said, if you hate your job……get another job.

I hope I made an impression…Probably not.