For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument of some kind. I tried to learn how to play the saxophone when I was a kid, but I didn’t stick with it very long. I’ve always been partial to leaning the guitar just because they are such versatile instruments, but again, I have never acted on this.

Well there is a non-profit group up here in Washington that refurbishes all kinds of stringed instruments like guitars, cellos, violins, and such. They bring them by the campus a few times a year, and sell them to students for really low prices. They are mostly retired music people who think that everyone should have a chance to learn how to play music. I’ve seen them about five times since I started going to Clark College, but again, I never bought anything.

Until today….

They had the usual items spread out on the table, so I decided to go drool on the guitars. As I was talking to the gentleman, he mentioned he had a Ukulele. ooOOOOH!? Why yes, I think I would like to see it! The thought never occurred to me before even though I think they are just as cool as guitars. They even fit my “Vienna Sausage-like fingers”. It’s made by the Diamond Head company, and is now mine! I will call it my new mini-axe. I guess if I had to name my new instrument I would be partial to oliver. Much like the instrument itself, Oliver is a nice non imposing – non threatening name.

Yes, Oliver it is.

Now I can’t wait until I get home, so I can hop on YouTube for some free lessons. Rock on in a non-threatening way! Rock on!

This is a stock image of a Ukulele, but I can assure you Oliver looks just like it case and all.