“It’s been a week. What the have you been up to? “ At least that’s what I am imagining someone is thinking when they see my blog go post-less for a week.

Well, the weather is finally nice, the sun has been shining, and the temperatures have been in the low 80’s.

“Have you been enjoying the weather?”

Nope, I’ve been inside for most of the past three days. These days being a full time student makes me feel like I am in one of those prison situations where the only time I get to experience the niceness of the outdoors is when I am aloud to pace in my 8×10 chain link enclosure. I did get out for a little bit this weekend. It was nice being a passenger, and letting the warm air pass through my fingers as we drove around town.

“Where did you go?”

breakfast 552013 Well I decided to try a juice fast after all. My juicer arrived on Friday, so Mom and I went out and had a celebratory last solid meal for a while. I stuffed myself on a 10 oz. prime rib dinner and strawberry cheese cake which was not on my new vegan diet plan, but it was still delicious and extremely filling (the largest meal I’ve eaten in four months). Saturday we went out and stocked up on veggies and fruit. Ever since then we have been drinking our meals. “The picture to the right was yesterday’s breakfast. I call it fillet of rainbow”

“How has that been going? I hear the main reason people don’t juice is because it’s hard to give up solids?”

I am what you would call a culinary oddity. I can eat anything (no really, look at my YouTube page). Everyone who has written any type of log during a juice fast has said that they experienced diarrhea almost immediately, but so far I being “the oddity” haven’t had any issues what so ever? I have been pooping fine (I like to paint mental pictures), and I haven’t been overly hungry, irritable, dehydrated, or anything else negative. I have lost a little over three pounds, and I feel great. I have been eating raw nuts for the added good stuff they offer, and the occasional lump of plain tofu, but other than that, Everything has been in liquid form.

“How long are you going to keep it up?”

I thought I would try it a week at a time. If things continue like they are, I stand to lose another 30 pounds or so by the end of the month. That will put me just under my target weight which has eluded me for the past five years. I am also hoping that with the weight loss I will be a happier and a much less stressed individual. That alone would do wonders for my mental and physical health. My goal in this wellbeing odyssey is to get to a point where I don’t need to take any medications for anything? I know pills are fun for most people, but I don’t care for them.

If I had kept on the path I was following, I would have allowed some of my worst fears become real. I would have died young, single, and alone. If I get myself healthy I will only be old, single, and alone (that’s sarcasm by the way – I’m good at it). I’m OK with death, just not right now.

“How is school going?”

Pretty good. Some of my classes are still a pain in the ass, but they will be over in a week (single credit class is only a few weeks long). Then some of the pressure will go away. The other classes will still keep me busy, but with these subjects it’s to be expected. I had planned on taking the summer off, so I could get some much needed visitation time with friends, but it looks like I will be taking at least two classes. They changed the selection process for the Medical Assisting school, so I have to have certain things completed before I can be considered instead of having a few I could complete “while” I attended the school. If it doesn’t look like I will make the cut off then I will just take the summer off, because that would mean waiting another year for the next round. I refuse to drag my feet for another year waiting, so at that point I would focus on the RHIT program instead of Medical Assisting. With a degree in HIT I could immediately move back to California (where I belong), and find work just about anywhere.