Jeff-Hanneman-at-Big-4So a few days ago Jeff Henneman, the founder of the thrash metal group Slayer, passed away from what people are calling complications from an insect bite. That sucks. I was never really a Slayer fan, but I can appreciate their contribution to the metal world. What I find disturbing is that the Westboro Baptist Church is planning on picketing his funeral, because they think he deserves it for some reason. The people at that church need to stop messing with funerals. I don’t see how you are supposed to spread the word of God by pissing people off every chance you get. Picketing funerals is pretty low, and I don’t know how that could possibly lead people to your religion?

From my observations, every time you see some psychotic person or group pointing fingers and condemning others, they themselves ALWAYS end up getting caught doing something twice as heinous as the people they condemn. In this case I can’t wait for the leader of that church to be caught with a hooker and a sheep. I would gladly picket his bestiality hearing at the court house.

When the Westboro Church pickets a funeral, everyone just sits back and agrees on how messed up picketing a funeral is, but they don’t really do anything. Insert Slayer fans here <   >. I don’t think the Westboro Baptist Church realizes just how crazy the average Slayer fan is.  Maybe this is a good thing? Maybe this time around they will bite off a LOT more than they can chew, and get permanently shut down by a bunch of psyched up crazies clad in black, spikes, long hair, and Converse. Maybe what Westboro needs is a huge group of Slayer fans to show them the errors of their ways.

I’d almost pay to see that.


  R.I.P. Jeff, you left us way too early.