I just got back from spending a week visiting friends in California. The weather in the Bay Area was hotter than normal from most of the trip, but I still had a good time. I kept a log of everything I did, and probably should have posted things as they happened, but it was hot and I was pretty tired at the end of each day. That isn’t very conducive for writing. I guess I’ll post things one day at a time even though I can tell you all can’t wait to hear about the trip. Oh, and some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent.  heh

July 3, 2013 – Day One


Holy shit this is no way to start the day. I slept fine, but I had dream that my alarm was going off then it went off. Stupid internal clock. Sometimes it comes in handy, but most of the time I wish it would keep to itself.


Heading off to the airport. I hope it isn’t crowded. I hate crowds, and I haven’t had any coffee. Excitement yes, crowds no.

Last night on the news there was a story about some guy that got drunk right before his flight, and was denied boarding because he was being a drunk. The gate people called the cops which made the guy even more mad (some people shouldn’t drink). When the cops showed up he decided it was a good idea to say he was going to kill someone, and got tazed. I love seeing idiots begin a sentence then “POW!” face plant on the floor.

*Note to self, drunk and belligerent in an airport = tazer party.

Why can’t I ever witness stuff like that? People should get tazeed more often. Too many people think they should be allowed to do anything they want. Getting tazed every now and then might remind us all of the magic that awaits us if we step out of line in a public place like an airport.

My flight left right on time. I got to the gate twenty minutes early, and no one was there? The woman at the gate asked if I was Kevin. ”Yes…?” She said I didn’t look like a Rolando, but she thought she would double check. I guess this was the first flight of the day, so they let everyone on the plane early. First class is full, but the rest of the plane is empty. There are maybe a dozen or so passengers in coach. That’s fine with me, because when I fly, I don’t like to be around people. People can turn in to obnoxious assholes when they travel. Me, I just like to be quiet.


I grew up right there…..if you guess where that is you get a cookie..

My buddy Ian picked me up at the airport (it was bloody hot outside) good thing I planned a trip to California during a heat wave. Once my bags got dumped off at his house, I told him I lost the case for my Kindle and that Fry’s Electronics had a cool Pelican hard case I could replace it with. If you grew up in Silicon Valley it’s not hard to convince anyone to go nerd paradise a.k.a. Fry’s. I live in technology hell right now, so a few steps in the front door, I had to take in a few deep breaths. I miss that new computer smell. Once I got my case we met up with another friend and his daughter for lunch at the Fry’s café. I’ve never eaten there before, but it was pretty good.

On the way home we did some veggie shopping at Whole Foods, so Ian could make his weekly bucket of juice. He drinks one to two meals per day, but he hates the whole juicing process so he makes his concoctions a week at a time. It turns out he is a little more hard core with juicing than I am. He dumps onions and garlic into his. I prefer apples, carrots, and sweeter stuff.

Once we finished juicing everything in the kitchen, I got to meet his son for the first time. The last time I was there for a visit, his son was still a few months away. Now he is about eighteen months old and a little bundle of energy. He likes to do little boy things like put pebbles into his mouth. Judging by the grin on his face, he knows he shouldn’t put things in his mouth but I think that’s all part of the game. Toddler thinking process: I put things I shouldn’t into my mouth. Dad says “no no” then I get to walk over and spit stuff into his hand.” It must be fun, because he seemed to do it about a dozen times. Little kids are great fun. hahahaha

Later that evening I met up with another friend for sushi. The sushi sucks up where I live, so it was nice getting some decent food for a change. It was nice catching up on things since it was almost two years since I was last in town. It’s nice having dinner with someone who likes some of the same food I do. Back home I usually eat sushi alone, because people around here think raw fish is icky? I don’t get it either. Good friends, good food, warm weather, what more could you ask for on the first day of vacation.

I miss living on California. Sure it was hot as hell at the time, but it still felt good to be back.