July 4, 2013

Day two started off with pancakes and bacon. Yeah yeah, I know bacon is not vegetarian. I decided that since I was on vacation that my diet could be on vacation too (insert bacon here). Since the previous day was hotter than hell, we decided to head over to the coast. The beaches up where I live are real different than the beaches I grew up on. Beaches up North are normally cold. The beaches in and around the Monterey Bay are really nice. To avoid traffic, we drove over highway 84 to Pescadero California which is about thirty five miles north of Santa Cruz. The beaches are a lot less crowded, and at the time very over cast and cool compared to the Valley.

These days I pretty much hide from the sun, so I made sure to paint myself with SPF 50, throw on a hat, UV shirt, and even covered my legs with a towel. I felt like a tourist. Well….OK I guess I am a tourist now. I had a good time just hanging out on the beach. I miss the salt air and the sound of the waves. The sun decided to come out a few hours later, and that is when some parts of me got burned to a crisp. I guess my hat didn’t cover my face as good as I thought it did, and I guess I missed a few spots like the tops of my feet and hands, because they turned a nice shade of purple. I got burned good enough that it began to blister a few hours later.

My new gangster name to Mel-Anoma.

When we got home I was cooking, and a cold shower just angered my burn. Ian doesn’t get to eat Indian food very much, so we went to a place that was close by in Mountain View. It turned out to be the same place I used to frequent when I was still working (Amber Café on the corner of View St. and El Camino Real). They have updated their menu since I ate there last, and it was still delicious. We seemed to be the only Caucasians eating there, so we got a few curious looks from the other patrons. I don’t know if it was because I was glowing like a neon sign, or because we ordered enough food to feed eight people? Either way I was settling into a nice food coma by the time we left.

We stopped off at the drug store for some dumbass cream (Aloe Vera sunburn stuff), but I found out the hard way that the green goo that contains Lidocaine also contains alcohol which made my face feel like it was on fire. I guess that stuff only works on light sunburns. After a little television and a lot of digestion, I was out for the count by 10:00pm.

Beach at Gazos Creek

This is the beach at Gazos Creek. It’s few miles south of the Pigeon Point light house. Nice and cool compared to the Valley.


Now that’s red! You can tell I don’t like doing anything half assed. Why do I look like a mannequin?

All in all it was a pretty good day. Sure I burned the shit out of my face, hands, and feet, but the rest of me was fine.