Well the month of July is coming to an end soon, and so far my eating habits have been in the toilet for most of it. Trying to stay vegan is hard especially when the people around me are not. I’m still doing fine except for the fish and chips at the seashore and trips abroad, but I need to get back into the swing of things 100%. Sometimes I need a little inspiration like the bookmarked movies on YouTube, or the occasional story you read someplace. This time around I got the kick in the pants from an unexpected source.

I’m not going into details about the person or how I know him other than he is the son of a friend of mine. He’s a big kid like his dad was plus a little more (about 6’3” and about 325lbs). I only call him a kid, because he’s my friend’s son but he is really twenty-two years old. “Big B” has always been one of those kids that was really into sports, but was always chunky which made him the perfect linebacker. I guess he got tired of being the biggest guy in the room, so he decided to become a vegetarian about the same time I did to try to turn things around.

Well he just posted an update on his health the other day, and I was shocked in a good way. Apparently Big B was plain vegetarian for about four months then went raw vegan for the last two months. In about seven months total time he dropped 125 pounds. Like I said, I was shocked in a good way. He looks amazing! He looks like a totally different person.

I asked him what he was eating, so we could exchange recipes or something, and he laughed. He said all he did was Google the top 20 healthiest fruits and vegetables and started eating that along with rice, beans, and tofu. He said he really doesn’t cook anything but the rice. He drinks nothing but water, no added sugar, and no processed foods. It’s amazing how simple he made it sound?  Then I realized that it really was that simple. I had already started doing that, but then I started cheating here and there which slowed down my progress.

Thanks Big B…..I mean “Medium Sized B”. You gave me the kick I needed to get back on track.