249534_1020_AWell today was the shittiest days I’ve had in a long time. The morning went off without a hitch, but then I got a strange e-mail from my school saying I had used up all of the financial aid I was allotted, so they were not going to cover the rest of the classes I need to take. I am supposed to graduate in the spring, so that could be a problem. As usual, I couldn’t reach the financial aid office by phone, so I had to drive across town to see them in person.

I got lucky. Usually a stint in the financial aid line can be about two hours. This time, despite being after 2:00pm, I got through it in a record fifty-five minutes. They told me I had used up all they were going to give me, and if I wanted more, I would have to write an appeal. That’s fine, but they also asked for a new schedule of classes from an academic advisor. Great! Advising is a nightmare no matter what time of day it is. At six in the morning you could be in for a two hour wait. This time around I lucked out again, and only had to wait for an hour.

We figured everything out, and it looks like I only have a handful of classes left, and I will be done! Hooray! I hope. I have to go back tommor….well I guess it’s tomorrow already, so in a few hours I will have to go back so I can turn in all the paperwork they asked for. As long as you aren’t a dumbass, appeals go pretty smoothly. It seems like everyone gets one of those letters when they get “short”. I think they do it to make sure you are still on track until the end.

On the way home I got stuck in a construction zone for half an hour. It seemed a lot longer, because my crappy Jeep doesn’t have air conditioning, and it was pretty hot outside. When I finally got home, I had a package waiting for me (my new webcam). <Squeak> Well I was happy for all of about ten minutes, because the stupid software wouldn’t install properly. I fought with it all afternoon, and even fought with customer support, but no dice. The camera works, but I need the software that came with it to do what I want. CRAP! Now I have to squeeze the stupid thing back into it’s original package (something I can never do), and send it back for either a new one or a refund. Either way, I can’t do any filming. <CRAP!>

I guess today wasn’t as crappy as I thought. It did suck at times, but I guess I’ll live. Now I just need my financial aid to get fixed, so I can be ready for school. If not, I hear being homeless can be kinda nice this time of year…..Nothin to do but hang out with a dog and get tan. heh