“So what’s new?”

“Well let me tell you. I guess I’m overly stressed.”

“Yeah, no kidding…”

“No really. This time around it’s actually getting the best of me. Thank God I just finished up a course in human disease, because I actually diagnosed myself pretty well.”

“Now what?”

“I’ve come down with a nice case of Dishydrosis. Yes, that’s what it’s called. It really translates to bad sweating, because doctors used to think the little FRIGGIN ITCHY BLISTERS  were filled with sweat but they are not. Basically it’s like a rash that produces REALLY ITCHY little blisters on the bottom and sides of the fingers (and the palms in my case), They are harmless other than THE FRIGGIN ITCHING PART, and should clear up in a day or so. I really am stressed out right now. Tomorrow I will finally get to talk to an advisor about the actual chances of me being selected for the Medical Assisting school I was hoping to get into this winter. If I did get in I would be done with school in the spring. Now that I am questioning the possibility of being selected, means that if I don’t I would have to wait another year for the next round. That is something I cannot do. I don’t have any more financial aid (they just told me), but I could get an extension providing I was accepted for this winter’s go around. If not, I could get a job, but then I would risk losing all of that knowledge I’ve recently crammed into my brain. No, that will not happen. If I don’t get selected, or my financial aid extension is shot down, I will be done with school prematurely until I can find a job so I can save up enough cash to cover the rest of my schooling.”

“Fun isn’t it…?” “Now I just get to wait with REAL ITCHY FINGERS for word of my fate…”

Talking to my keyboard sucks ass……I could really use a stiff drink or ten right now. It would take my mind off of my REALLY ITCHY FRIGGIN FINGERS, and it would help me sleep.

Just in case you thought I was seeing things….

It’s what I’ve got, and it sucks.