grandpa-munsterVampire? Me?

No, I don’t drink blood or anything cool like that. My vampiric ways are more in the sense of having a strange need to be awake at night when normal people sleep. It’s not by choice that’s why I should probably consider myself a dysfunctional vampire at best. OK, actually I blame my insomnia on my brain. It’s dysfunctional as well, because it was made without a dimmer switch. I can’t turn it off right before bed like I’d like to. Stupid brain. I wish you would tell me why I am supposed to be awake all night. Should I be nervously modeling things out of clay or scribbling incoherent messages on table napkins instead of sleeping? I wish you would let me know, because I’m getting tired of this. Wait, I wish I was getting tired of something, because that would mean I was getting ready for sleep. I had a problem with insomnia for about ten years, and I thought it had somehow fixed itself because I have been sleeping pretty regularly. But it seems to have caught up with me.








A note to you, Mr. Kevin’s Brain. If this is going to be a repeat of last night, I wish you  would just tell me now so I can use all of the soon to be thrashing around time for something more constructive like banging my head brain-diagram-6against a wall. I could have gotten a lot more done last night had I known sleep would finally come with the rising of the sun.
Stupid brain! You’re not the boss of me!