This was supposed to be a reply to the many questions I am getting from people who know me and were wondering what the previous post was about. It’s a rather long reply, so I’ll make a brand new entry explaining my newest roadblock. Honestly with all of the setbacks, I am beginning to think I’m not supposed to be finishing college. It’s really beginning to feel like at some point some old man in a men’s room is going to hand another old man $1.00, and say “You win, you really can’t take someone out of the ghetto, and place them in finance”.

I signed up for the final classes I will need to graduate in May of this year. I knew I was a little high on credits, so I asked the advisor if I should just take the summer off to save coming up short right before I entered the Medical Assisting program this winter. She agreed and said it might be a good idea, and that I may have to submit an appeal for an extension on the last quarter (spring), but a lot of people end up doing that and it shouldn’t be a problem. Great! I could take the time to study everything I will need to know for the upcoming MA program, and take a quick vacation to visit friends in California.

Everything was going fine until a few weeks ago when I got a notice saying I was way over my allotted credits for my degree? and I would not be getting anymore assistance? Huh? I went to the school, and asked the idiot at the financial aid office why they waited until now to tell me I was being cut off. I told he if I had known that months ago, I could have been working over the summer to help pay for the upcoming quarter? She said they did have 10,000 students and it was the student’s responsibility to keep up on this. I asked her exactly what I was supposed to be keeping up on other than what I have been doing? She said according to their records, I was way over my credit allowance for the Nursing program? Huh? I told her I haven’t been in the nursing program for over a year? She said again how it was the student’s respos…..I cut her off and said I DID turn in all of the paperwork that THEY had given me, AND that the whole world seemed to know about what I was doing except them. She got a little indignant, and told me I had to see an advisor again to get a final end all be all copy of the classes I needed to graduate, so I could attach a copy to my appeal. “I guess the school had already made an appeal on my behalf for the nursing program which I didn’t know about, so this would be a second appeal”. Thanks Clark for burning up my one appeal on the wrong major, and not telling me about it.

While I was talking to my advisor, I told her about the unprofessional letter I received from financial aid. “The e-mail didn’t contain a header or any explanation about what the message was about.” In my world that kind of e-mail gets marked as spam? It’s a good thing I actually opened a few trash messages before I deleted them. I then told her that I had talked to one of the professors that taught most of the MA classes, and she made it sound like I should have already received a letter saying I had been accepted into the MA program which was not true. Right as I finished saying that, another advisor popped her head in and said no one will get those notices until October, and I shouldn’t have been lead to believe they had been sent out. “Oopsy, I guess someone fucked up”. All that did was stress me out so bad that I developed a rash that has destroyed my arms and hands over the last two weeks. Nice!

I turned in all of my paperwork, and as I left, both of the advisors walked next door to the financial aid office to hopefully raise some hell. I was told by the advisor that they extension appeals were reviewed every two weeks, and I should keep on them to make sure nothing gets lost. That’s funny, because the stupid woman at financial aid said the appeals were reviewed once a month and mine missed this moths review? She said I still have plenty of time, because the next review would be two weeks or so before the quarter begins. That’s cutting things a little too close for me.

Now I am wasting more time waiting for them to “get back to me”. I went in today for a follow-up, and the guy I talked to said they had my appeal, and if I didn’t hear from them in another week that I should come back in next Friday to make sure everything was still OK. Meanwhile I get to wait. I told the guy today that I would REALLY like to know sooner rather than later, because missing the start of the MA program this winter would throw my graduating off by a year (the school is only once a year). I told him that in that case there is no point to me returning if I can’t pay for the fall, because I wouldn’t afford to put it off for one more year? He gave me that look like “damn, you are screwed”.

So now I wait. If my extension doesn’t come through, I guess I’m fucked. I can borrow more money, but as it stands, I have already borrowed enough to keep me in debt for the rest of my life. I really don’t want to add more fuel to the fire that is already burning under my feet. I don’t want to write everything off before it’s official, but from where I’m standing, it doesn’t look good. Thank God I decided to change careers at forty!. If I kept doing tech work, I would have been miserable, but the misery would have enabled me to continue paying my bills. Right now the only thing I am working at is having a heart attack from all of the stress.

That’s enough babbling/ranting for now. I guess I’ll go watch the skin peel off my hands…..At least that’s a plus. No more rash. It stopped itching, but now I’m losing most of the skin on the underside of my hands (after effect to hundreds of blisters).