Why am I so upset? I am upset because I don’t have fucking insurance. I’m upset that I came down with an unbelievably irritating rash from someplace that go so bad I had t go to the emergency room for relief. I can deal with the itching. I’ve had friends that made me itch more that that. This time around my hands swelled up enough that it was making the joints in my fingers and wrists hurt. I had already held out for a week, but the joint pain kind of scared me, so I went to the ER for answers and a possible cure.

I’m a full time student (or used to be). so I don’t have any insurance or money. I normally go to a free clinic, but they would not have been able to see me for a few days. When I got to the hospital, all they did was take my name and birthdate (that’s what they’re supposed to do), they took my vitals (supposed to do that too). I then sat in an exam room for about 7 minutes before I got to see a doctor. All the doctor did look at my hands (I don’t even think he touched me) then told me I had a rash. Umm no shit Einstein? Then he prescribed some steroid cream for the itching, and told me to take Advil for the swelling. That was it. I had to buy the medication. It was two 15 gram tubes of Vaseline looking stuff for $80.00, and a bottle of Advil. At $38.00 for each tube, I’m so glad I only used one.

When I was done with the doctor, I told them I didn’t have insurance. They told me I could apply for “charity” if I couldn’t pay my bill. I was sent home with a handful of paperwork to fill out and send back (which I did), but I guess I looked a lot better off on paper than I really am, because they charged me $700.00 for my twenty four minutes of fame. A lot happened during that twenty four minutes like a doctor used a pen, and a nurse clamped a clampy thing on the tip of my finger. You have to make sure you charge for that, and charge they did. $700.00!!!!!! What the fuck! I even knew what I had before I went to see the genius doctor for the “rash” diagnosis.

Well fuck me AGAIN! This year’s bullshit seems to be never ending. There are still a few months left in this shit packed year. That means there is still time for doing something REALLY fun like getting hit by a bus, or getting my car stolen. Maybe both at the same time! WHOOOWEEEEE I know how to have fun! I should pass the bill on to my stupid school! They’re the ones that stressed me out and caused me to break out in this stupid rash.



just wow…….


I had this huge anti establishment rant about my fucked up country and its fucked up healthcare system, but I would just end up smashing my computer before I even finished writing it. Instead, I’ll just dust off the Jim Beam, and relax. What can they take away from me? Nothing? That’s right, my net worth is nothing, so come and get it blood suckers.