“This is a reminder that your tuition payment is due on Monday August 26, 2013

Thank God the piece of shit school waited until it was too late to tell me my financial aid was stopped for good. If I had known FOUR FUCKING MONTHS AGO WHEN I SIGNED UP FOR FALL CLASSES that I wasn’t going to be able to pay for the next quarter, I could have gotten a job. Now that my extension petition is in limbo somewhere and the fees are due today, it looks like the rest on my time at Clark College is in the shitter. Tomorrow I will go to the financial aid office to politely tell them to go fuck themselves. Then I get to start looking for work. Good thing I’ve been away from the IT world long enough to not be a player any more. Guess I’ll go check out what Home Depot has to offer. I know tools and stuff from a past life. Broke shoulder, broke knees, and various other health problems rule out anything else close to construction…That’s another field I never should have left.

See! I can’t seem to dodge the bullshit fairy! He’s had me in his sites for a while now. No matter which way I try to dodge his BS bullets, I seem to catch every one of them right in the face. Oh well, fuck me I guess. It doesn’t matter what I do at this time. If I want to graduate from Clark, I will have to come back next year, because the school I was supposed to be attending open once each winter. If I go to a private school (they teach the same thing) it will cost me three times as much. That still leaves me with no way to pay for the last little bit. I refuse to borrow anymore money. I’m already 20K in the hole, so borrowing more will mean never paying off my dept. Working may allow me to stockpile enough cash to some day go back and finish the handful of classes I have left.

Higher education, so far, has turned out to be a crock of shit. I was better off where I was.   Oh well, fuck me right.