It’s a good thing I made a visit to the financial aid office today. I got to talk to a manager. I told he if my extension was not approved that she may as well toss the application, because the tuition was due yesterday. If I didn’t pay what was due by end of day today, I would be dropped from all of my classes. If I didn’t get into the fall quarter I wouldn’t be finishing school. It would have meant waiting another year for the MA program to open up again. She said she still didn’t see any response on her computer, but she said they were all done on paper before being entered into the system. She walked in the back to look for it, and about ten minutes later she comes back with a fist full of paperwork telling me I was approved. I told he I needed to pay for my classes yesterday, but she told as she was logging back into her computer that she was giving me an extension on the due date. Now I have enough financial aid to cover all of the pre-recs I still have to take then when I get my acceptance letter for MA school, they will release the rest that will cover the final part until I graduate.

I’m really glad this all worked out, but I would like to see the rest of my time at Clark go a little smoother. Every quarter I seem to be running the race at record time then I trip and fall flat on my face right at the finish line. The only reason I finish each leg of the race is because the momentum of my body hitting the pavement is just enough to roll my limp body over the finish line. I like finishing and all, but for once I’d line to do it sprinting, and not flailing. Hooray! I may graduate after all. Thank you to everyone who has been poking me with sticks to keep me going, and I am especially thankful for Susan’s super, duper magic, good wishes pixie dust. I think that’s what really pushed things through at the last minute. Now that I can breathe again, I am going back to bed. I think I slept for about 11 minutes last after wondering about how today was going to pan out.