Log of Led – Friday, July 5, 2013

Ever since I moved from California to Washington, I have been bitching about how bad the food scene sucks here in Vancouver. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you can get anything any time. If you want a roasted turkey leg at three in the morning on Christmas Eve, you can find one some place. In the past I’ve gone on a donut run with friends at 11:30 at night and not only found donuts, but a donut shop that also sold tasty empanadas. I had mentioned to my friends that I would like to find some new food oddities (for the sake of my YouTube channel) as well as some old favorites like Dim Sum. I don’t care what anyone says, there is no good dim sum anywhere close to my house. I guess I had been bitching about missing it for a while, because my good friend Susan sent me a menu for a dim sum place in Milpitas (borders my home town) that was supposed to be really good. She suggested we get a group of people together for some steamed nibbles.

I took one look at the menu she sent me, and noticed they had all kinds of yummy things like duck tongues! Mmmm yummy duck parts. That was an easy decision! Susan made plans for us to meet up with another good friend of mine Tony and his family for brunch. Tony’s wife loves Dim Sum, her mother who was visiting from Singapore loves likes it too, but Tony doesn’t. Susan likes some of it, but I wouldn’t consider her quite as adventurous  when it comes to eating like me…..I nick named myself the dumpster, because I will pretty much “eat anything twice.” Regardless of everyone’s eating preferences, I was glad they were up for it, and we had a chance to get together.

I have known Susan and Tony (yeah yeah, I know it’s Anthony, but I’ve known him since we were kids so it’s Tony to me…hahahahaha) for years, and I don’t get to see them very often, so meeting anywhere is cool with me. I like Dim Sum houses, because they are like a wonderful smelling, organized chaos of clinking plates, and chattering patrons. I normally don’t like loud restaurants, but with Dim Sum, the noise and chaos is all part of the experience. I also like that every table was filled with whole families all sharing a meal together. I miss family outings like that. I had a large family growing up, but it seems to have broken up over the years due to family members either passing away or moving. I consider Susan and Tony family, so it was nice getting together and sharing a meal.

We had a great time. I think I surprised Tony’s mother-in-law with my appetite, and the types of foods I liked. Dim Sum is the perfect food. They cook a huge variety of small portions in small bamboo steamer things then wheel them around the dining room on small carts. When the servers come by, all you do is point. They stamp your ticket and then it’s off o the next table. This way you can taste a little or a lot of whatever looks good. To me it all looked good. One of the first things I ordered was chicken feet. Chicken feet are one of those things you have to learn to like. Most Americans can’t get past the look or the texture. I love em. We ordered all kinds of things made with pork and shrimp. I thought it was cool that almost everyone tried something they normally don’t eat. Hooray for new foods! Hooray for sharing good food with great friends! I don’t think my friend meter will ever be in the green, but being able to spend time with Susan, Tony, and family got me pretty close. 🙂

“This is what you call a shameless plug”

 May Flower Seafood Restaurant 五月花海鮮酒

428 Barber Lane
Milpitas, CA 95035
Tel: (408) 922-2700

Here are some pictures from our steam fest at the May Flower.

Yes, those are chicken feet. Yes, they were delicious,

Steamed goodness1

Fried tofu

fried tofu

The Dumpster in action!

tofu and feet

MMmmm duck tongues. They were good, but I thought they would have tasted a little better if they were served warm or deep fried. These were cooked and marinated, but cold.

duck tongues

Yep….that part of the duck. The stupid sunburn is making my head look like a Christmas ornament.

yep tongue

This is Susan being either brave or a good sport. I think both….Hooray for trying new foods!

Brave susan

Well…maybe next time. I don’t think being served cold helped with the experience. “A” for effort though!

not a fan



Mmmmm tea makes the belly happy…..By the look on my face, I’d say my Dim Sum meter was back in the green! I didn’t even get anything on my shirt. hahahahaha

happy led

After I dropped Susan off at home, I went to a gun shop to pet some rifles I couldn’t afford. Kind of an odd ending to the day, but it was still fun. heh