WOW! Today I ate way too much, drank even more then topped it of by watching a middle of the road comedy from a broken theatre chair. I went with my brother and his wife to see We’re the Millers at the local Cinetopia. They have a restaurant in the movie theatre, so you can have a decent meal then watch a movie in a fancy recliner with a beer. The movie was ok. It was a lot of one liners that sort of made up for the weak plot. Then there was Jennifer Aniston playing the part of a stripper which could make up for a lot of things….but for the most part it was kind of like the Hangover, but with drug smuggling instead of Vegas.

Now my head hurts my butt and back hurt which is keeping me from sleeping. Oh and the house smells like a fart, because I had the bright idea to put the last of the Stinking Bishop cheese in an omelet for lunch. The omelet tasted fine…but now the house smells like a fart. I hope the waif in the air doesn’t end up giving me nightmares of being chased by a giant Mr. Hanky.