Here are a few things I pondered while waiting for an advisor this morning. Some are observations, and some are questions. No I wasn’t obsessing over the man with the giant balls. I just added it to the list after seeing a dozen adds for the show on television.

1) Why does the Discovery Health channel have such a fascination with a show called The Man With The 130 Pound Scrotum? I swear it’s been on about ten times in the past week. I’m sure the guy with the giant man parts big_balls2is thrilled that the whole world knows all about Hippity-Hop sized problem….

2) I was walking up to the entrance to the local grocery store and noticed a homeless couple laying on the ground next to a trash can. As I got closer I noticed that the woman was sleeping and the man had an iPad plugged into the wall next to the trash can. I guess even the homeless have priorities.

3) A day after a mass shooting at a government facility in Washington DC, a man got arrested for throwing lit fire crackers over the fence in front of the White House. I wonder how long he though about that before he did it?

4) Why is it that some people always seem to complain about not being able to lose weight while holding a triple sugar, white chocolate, sprinkled, caramel, machiado-ish Starbucks drink in their hand. They could free up their hands for exercise by just dumping a million calories into their mouth, and washing it all down with that dirty water they call coffee.

5) Is there a mathematical equation that can show how many Starbucks drinks one has consumed by measuring the size of one’s ass. Ass to drink ratio?

6) Why are women fascinated with shoes that make the same noise as a horse running down a coble stone street. Sometimes I can hear the clipity-clop five minutes before I can see the person.

7) How do women work in 8″ heels? Can wearing 8″ heels be considered a modern form of foot binding?

102704_7005_12336326022198) As I waited three hours to talk to a school advisor, I watched a large woman pass me pushing a stroller with her half size husband tagging along behind. She asked him where the person was they were supposed to meet, but when he pointed to some upstairs offices she instantly blurted out “NO IT’S NOT! GOD DAMN YOU’RE AN IDIOT!” He didn’t say a word and continued tagging along. Maybe she is afraid of second floors?

9) How long does it take to crush a soul.

10) Why do vaccinations at one clinic cost $900.00, and $130.00 at a different clinic a few miles down the road? Do the delivery trucks burn that much gas driving an extra mile? Wait? That doesn’t work…. Maybe its an inconvenience fee for the extra stop? Yeah…Inconvenience.