Well I just finished getting a membership at the local 24 Hour Fitness. Turns out there is one only four blocks away from my house. It’s been almost fourteen years since I set foot in a real live gym. I told the tour guide all the things that irritated me about gyms, and he referred to me as a “two headphone” person. This place is huge, so I shouldn’t have any issues with other people.

What issues could a person have with the people at the gym? I’m a weight lifter. OK it’s been a long time since I was a full time weight lifter, but I still view going to the gym as a private time. Back when I was power lifting I used to get pissed off at people who were standing around chatting instead of getting out of my way, so I could use the equipment. I used to work out for about two to three hours a session, and I was there to lift not to get laid. It’s not the mall. Go get laid somewhere else. Especially if your sitting on the machine or bench I need to use. If you have to talk to me…please do it when I’m done, because right now I’m busy.



I just want to see less of me in the near future, and the constant shitty Washington weather is keeping me from achieving that.