“Clark College is delaying opening (Monday, February 10, 2014) until 12 p.m.  This includes the main campus and Clark College at Columbia Tech Center.  All classes with start times before 12:00 p.m. are cancelled, and offices will not be open until 12 p.m. or after.”

cliffhanger-man-seaFirst let me begin with FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! This is bullshit! I was supposed to have an exam today? I guess I have to blame the weather for class being cancelled, but that’s not why I’m pissed off. What I’m pissed off about is the fact that the college has tuned this course into a complete cluster fuck. Changing the text book the day before class, not having all the required text books in the damn book store until class has been in session for over three weeks. Making us pay full price for our late books, instructor missing class (I can’t fault her for that, but it still sucks), being in a class that weighs heavily on the instructor’s power point slide then not having those slides until the night before the exam, not having the slides at all for this exam! When will this start being a normal damn class. Are they trying to run this like am Army boot camp? This is nuts!

No one in the class responds “like usual” when the professor says something, so we all get yelled at. People who shouldn’t have gotten into the program are in the program half assing it which pisses of the instructor…….then she takes it out on all of us. I’m almost to the point where I’m gonna go old school “I was in the military” and police my own. I need to bring a boot of a sock with a bar of soap in it, so I can “learn” some of these idiots. I feel like my possibility of passing this stupid program is slipping away real fast.

I need one thing to happen. If it does, this class can bit my big ass, because I’m transferring to another school and changing my major to RHIT. It would mean another year in school, but in the end, I would end up making five times the income.

Fuck it! I’m already awake. I may as well brave this storm that is supposedly crippling the city (?) and get a bagel. I may even get real coffee too.

Why does simple shit have to be so hard?