feed_the_kitty_1_1I wish we could record out dreams. Mine have been pretty weird this week. After watching an episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol just before going to bed I had a dream that someone gave me a kitten. That’s fine, because I’d love to adopt a cat named Larry. However this kitten refused to sleep in his bed. He would only sleep under my chin. He was small and fluffy, so I couldn’t deny him sleep time….

Last night I had a dream that I was in my childhood home having a party with all kinds of friends I haven’t seen in years. Everything was great until some fast talker showed up and stole my girlfriend. ? I didn’t know I had a girlfriend, but I sure wasn’t about matrix_punchto stand by and let some asshat steal her away from me. I ended up punching him a few times in front of the house. When I told him to get lost, he tried to get back in the house. This is when my friends stepped in and told him to leave. I haven’t seen those friends in over twenty years. I guess it’s good to know they will still back me up if the need arises. The rest of the party went fine even though I didn’t see my girlfriend. I guess it wasn’t a total loss; I didn’t even know her name.