I had a lot planned today, but I got a call from my brother asking for some help moving a huge TV from his media room to Goodwill. The two of us recently went on a flat screen TVsmashBIGbuying spree. I got one and he got three or four…..Anyway the old television he was donating weighted about a million pounds, so it took a bit  of effort to get it down the stairs and into my vehicle, so we could drop it off at the local Goodwill. After that we took a load of crap to the dump. “Par-ty” Oh, did I mention it was like a million degrees today. It’s currently 11:08pm, and it’s still close to 80 degrees. That may seem like chump change to some of you, but this is Washington State. It’s never hot here.  It’s supposed to be this hot for another week…..

photo3After we went to the dump, we had a little taco fest at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I think I’m still full. After driving around in the heat, and eating a ton of food, the rest of the day sort of slipped away. All is not lost, because I still have an hour before my midnight cut off. Lately I’ve been trying to get to bed before the witching hour.








Sleep is good.