Yeah yeah I’m posting a day late. I fell asleep before I actually posted anything. Today’s happy theme is “Friends”. I spent the morning with a friend from school and her husband at their house in Portland. They have a really cool house that was built in the early 40’s which sits on a double lot. The extra space contains chickens, cats, and a huge veggie garden. One of the chickens looked like it was wearing bell bottom pants. They live in a REALLY cool older neighborhood with loads of good places to eat, and drink. We ended up having brunch at this place:


Dan and I know good food when we see it, so we both had a big bowl of menudo. Jessica has a weaker stomach,  so she had a burrito. The food was excellent, and we even got to eat outside. Afterward we went here:

mouse trap

That dog wasn’t there, but it was a real live dive bar. I haven’t been to a real bar in ages. I love places like that. It was full of friendly locals, and I even got to enjoy a cheap draft beer. We watched the last game of the World Cup and had a good time. It was supposed to be in the 90’s again, but instead we got rain and cooler temperatures. I’ll take that over hot weather any day. All in all it was a good day.