I need to stop this sliding under the door before it closes way of posting. I got all wrapped up in season 2 of Doc Martin, and lost track of the time.

Today’s happy thing is “health.”

I went to the doctor today. Two good and one meh.

  1. In spite of eating like a wild dog over the past few weeks I’ve succeeded in losing close to seven pounds.
  2. After pulling myself out of my current school program, and getting some adjustments to my blood pressure medication, my blood pressure has been normal for close to a month. The first time in about ten years that it has been consistently normal.
  3. The meh part of the story is my blood sugar seems to be happier at 210 instead of 100 or lower like it should be. I’m now taking 2000mg of Metformin per day instead of 1000mg, and now 40mg of Lipitor every evening to help lower my cholesterol. I didn’t think my cholesterol was that high, but the doctor seems to think so. I get another blood panel taken next week to see if the Lipitor is working or not.


I’ve been putting together a spread sheet that can track what I eat and what I do during the day, so I can track my progress, and make the proper adjustments needed to reduce all of these nasty pills I have to take each day.