I know I was supposed to be posting 100 happy days, but I was on vacation, and the WordPress mobile app sucks. On top of that today has not been a happy day. I seem to have caught some kind of bird flu on the way home from vacation. Symptoms are:

  1. feeling shitty
  2. diarrhea
  3. friggin sinus infection
  4. cough (due to sinus infection)

Why am I so pissed off? Because I feel like shit for one. I was supposed to go to a block party tomorrow that a classmate has been planning for about six months. So much for that. I have a ton of shit to do, and I don’t feel like doing any of it. Sorry if I sound a little bitchy, but I feel like shit, and I just got back from a vacation that was great accept for all forms of travel. All forms of mass transit can kiss my big ass. I would go into more detail, but like I said I feel like shit, and I’m cranky. I’ll rant about vacation tomorrow.


Venting to the internet makes me even more cranky. It’s like yelling at yourself in the mirror.