Today was the first day back to school. It was weird. Usually the first week of the Fall quarter is filled with mayhem and tears, because it’s the first quarter after the local high schools get out. Usually once they figure out that college is really hard and they need to actually work at it, they drop out. This means the rest of the year you can find a parking place. Today however, the school seemed pretty quiet? I was a dumbass and left late which usually means driving around for 30 minutes trying to find a parking place, but today there were plenty of spaces open. Even with one of the parking lots closed for repaving (nice timing) there were still plenty of places? I’m not complaining. I actually enjoyed the silence.

My classes are fine. One is a stupid Word for business. I’m only taking it because I have to. I’m calling it my GPA booster. The only thing that sucks is the instructor won’t open any of the modules early for people like me who can finish the whole quarter in one weekend. Oh well, I guess I’ll just cruse through this class.

My second class is all about the inter working of a hospital. The instructor is very knowledgeable and a good friend. I hope to learn a lot. It sounds like a lot of busy work, and there are a few research papers we will have to do. Hooray! I actually like writing research papers.

The third class is CPT & HCPCS. CPT is billing for medical equipment, and HCPCS is Medicare specific billing. It starts Wednesday night. I don’t need any of these classes for Medical Assisting, but I do need them for my second degree and certificate which are Medical Office Specialist and HIT. I talked to one of the deans last spring when I left the Medical Assisting program and she gave me an extension which allowed me to return to the second half of the MA program next spring as well as a game plan for the fall and winter quarters. It turned out that all I needed were a few more classes and I will end up with a second degree and a certificate when I graduate this next time around.

On the health front, I’ve lost ten pounds this summer and my blood sugar is actually in the normal range (thanks to new meds and exercise). It’s down almost 200 points lower than it was just before I left school. I also got a new C-pap so I’m actually sleeping eight hours plus every night for the first time in about four years. Things are looking up. Again