I was supposed to post this Friday night, but I’ve been super busy with school. I decided to keep notes on crazy stuff during the week, so I can just do one dump on Friday. That way I won’t have to keep thinking about posting every day. Well I guess that means I worry about missing Friday’s post. At least it’s one day and not five.

9/26 7:00am

I don’t know why this damn city is so fascinated with speed bumps! I swear you can’t drive ten feet without hitting one. In a car it’s not so bad, but in a lifted Jeep it does. This morning I was running late, so I stopped and got a bagel and some coffee. As I was leaving the parking lot I hit a speed bump a little faster than anticipated and got a not hot coffee bath. Now I want to find the idiot who is responsible for all the bumps, so I can stick a finger in his eye. The roads are the shittiest I have ever driven on, so I’m thinking they could have use all of that speed bump material for patching the potholes I hit every day. I’ve seen smoother roads in Baja.


The woman sitting next to me in class smells like wine. I guess she smells better than the guy who stunk like old beer every Monday morning. Yeah I hope he find a job in the health care system. She doesn’t get right up in your face like old beer guy did, so she gets a pass.


One of the people in the academic club I help run bugs the living shit out of me. I’m supposed to meet up with her to find out why the stupid school isn’t giving us any notifications about club activities and deadlines. She sent me a text asking me where I was then a few minutes later I got three more texts from her saying “?!” This woman needs to calm down. I don’t like impatient people. Especially impatient people texters. My damn phone was going berserk for about fifteen minutes. When I finally responded, and told her where I was, she couldn’t find me….(twenty feet away). I’m about ready to leave the stupid club. The friends who used to run it have graduated, and the new people are not doing a good job. I don’t need the aggravation.


Great. Someone is sitting next to me while I’m trying to get my work done. I need to pay attention to what I’m doing, and she keeps showing me things on her phone every three seconds. I’ve been ignoring her the whole time. She finally got a hint after twenty minutes. Why can’t people clue in on things a lot sooner? Stressed look + loads of papers + open laptop = really busy. That math you can do without a calculator.

Impatient texter has my phone number, because we’re both club officers. She found out I know Chemistry. Now she is interrupting my work time trying to throw huge hints that she would like me to tutor her in Chemistry. All of it? No, I’m sorry, go to a damn lab. Why do people think they can learn things in minutes? You want to learn everything there is to know about Chemistry today? Ummmm no thanks.


On my way to my car I noticed someone threw up right next to my driver’s side door. This is the second time someone threwIMG_0055 up next to my car? I don’t get it? At least this puddle wasn’t full of chewed carrots like the last one. Sorry if I painted a picture, but sometimes you notice things. I need to put a sign on my jeep that says, “No Vomit Zone.”

This is the carrot deposit just in case you thought I was kidding. I didn’t get the new one. I figured one was enough.