Ever find yourself putting certain off things you know you shouldn’t be putting off? Even though you feel like slapping yourself every day for putting those things off you continue putting them off? Then you read some random passage that hits you right between the eyes, and puts you back on track.
That happened about an hour ago.
I’ve been hoarding weird stories, observations, and situations for years saying I will one day write them down in book form to see if anyone would might be interested in publishing it. I have loads and loads of these stories, pictures, and experiences that need to be expanded on, so I can actually go through with the whole trying to become an author thing.

I just started reading Possible Side Effects, by Augusten Burroughs. I like his work, because he comes from a hugely dysfunctional background. The type of background I like to read about. He is talking about the point in his life when he is reaching rock bottom and decides to make some changes (becoming a writer) that ultimately transform his life, “I realized it was as though I was standing on a lid, trying to keep it pressed down against the forces that were trying to open it, explode it open, and I am padlocking that lid with alcohol every single night and distracting myself with the internet, with fantasy log-cabin shopping, with “will I have alcohol breath”, with building up the drunken courage to walk across the street to McDonald’s at midnight for take-out.”
A few lines later he gets me with the eye poke when he says, “’I understood, I need to write. Live here, in my words, and my head. I need to go inside, that’s all. No big, complicated, difficult thing. I just need to go in reverse.”

Although I’m not struggling with substance abuse like he was at the time, I realize I need to stop saying “I want to do this” and actually do it. I need to put my life in reverse. I passed a turn off a ways back, and it’s not too late to back up to that intersection so I can turn right instead of continuing to go straight. If he can sit himself down and pretty much fart out his first book in the span of a few weeks, I can do the same. I have enough written of material, recordings, texts, pictures, and sticky notes I could fill three or four books. I don’t want to write a novel. I’m more on the same page with David Sedaris, and Augusten Burroughs. More comedic essay. Small, short, funny. Well funny to me anyway. I just need to get it all down in a readable format. If I turned in a pile of post-it notes to a publisher they would file it right in the trash. I know it won’t be easy, but I feel like I’m up for the challenge.