angerWHY THE FUCK do Christians have to be so psychotic? Yes, Christians I am calling you out. Why Christians? Because the ones I am having real issues with right now consider themselves devout Christians.

I just sat down and talked to a family friend about my schooling. She is a VERY religious person. As soon as we get on the topic of drawing blood (I do that in school) she goes on a tirade about how the clinic I go to hires so many Asian doctors? When she says Asian, she crinkles her nose like she just smelled a fart? What the fuck does being white or non-white have to do with your job performance? I told her that my doctor was excellent and she just happens to have been born in China. I said I didn’t care where she was from, because 1. She is donating her time, so I’m glad she is helping me at all, and 2. She went to medical school in Southern California? Once I told her that, she comes back with “Well it’s just like the government, they say they do a lot of things. Who knows what goes on there?” Like for some strange reason my doctor forged all of her degrees, and certifications? I guess the Chinese are really good at forgery?

What the Fuck!? Who does this nutcase think she is? She sure as hell isn’t a doctor, so how in thee fuck does she know how my doctor became anything? These friggin people are driving me crazy. She then goes on and on about all the illegals in the US, and how most of them are Mexicans. All they do is take up all the jobs, and get everything for free. I asked her what we should do about it. She said we should deport all of them even the ones who came over the border to have kids.

Wait what!?

I didn’t know people from Mexico were coming over the border to spawn like salmon? I told her what we should do is come up with some kind or work visa that undocumented people could get that would allow them to keep working AND PAY TAXES. While they were working under one of these visas they could work on their citizenship process if they wanted to stay. That way they would be able to help pay their way just like everyone else. She didn’t like that idea. She still thinks they should be rounded up and shipped back over the border where they belong. I didn’t get a chance to ask her she thinks the Native Americans thought the same things about EVERYONE in the United States, because they are the only ones who can claim this land as their own. I wonder if they would like everyone in the US to just jump right back on the Mayflower and fuck off just like she wants the Mexicans to do.

This shit boggles my mind. THEN she has the balls to ask me to come to church sometime, because it would be nice to see me……yeah I’ll get right on that. In the mean time I have to go slam my head in a door.

You may be thinking that I may be over reacting to the thoughts of one crazy old lady, but you would be wrong. I had a run in with some asshat from a “Christian” church back in California. Back when prop 8 was on the ballots I got a call from some rube who attended the church around the corner from my house. He asked me if I was going to vote one way or another to which I told him it was none of his business. He wasn’t fazed by this and tells me “personally I’d wouldn’t mind seeing them (homosexuals) packed in a bus a run off the nearest cliff” then almost in the same breath he invited me to his church? I almost blew a gasket over the phone and told him I wouldn’t be caught dead in his piece of shit church then went off on him for being a shitty representative of the human race. He still wasn’t fazed, and told me he felt sorry for me, and hung up. I was so pissed I wanted to go to his little church that Sunday and tear him a new ass.

I’m sick of these fucking people pointing fingers and condemning everything around them. These two instances are a few of the hundreds I’ve dealt with this year alone. Who are they to judge? According to the Bible YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO JUDGE OTHERS LESTboom YOU BE JUDGED YOURSELF. I’m not judging these people, I’m just sick of hearing them attack everyone that’s different from them.

Am I anti-religion? No. Do I believe in a God? Probably. Will I ever set foot in a church full of ignorant bastards like this? No, probably not.

If I have offended anyone with this rant then tough shit. It is MY blog, so if you really don’t like it, you can go read some other random blog.

I need a drink……