So I’ve been trying to go to the gym as much as possible this year in an attempt to get into shape. I was sick for most of this month, so things got off to a rocky start. Now that my friggin bird flu is finally gone I’m up to riding twenty miles a day four to five days a week. Things are improving more and more each day.

I try to keep to myself when I’m at the gym. People get all weird when you make eye contact for some reason, so I just pedal away and listen to my music. People that go to gyms piss me off. In hate it when they get in my way. I’m there to work out. I’m not there trying to “hook up” with some hoochie. I don’t care for the gym fashion, or loud tween music blaring from the over head sound system. I’m what you call a two earphone kinda guy.

Lately I’ve noticed an old guy who is probably close to seventy. He always has a scowl on his face, and he walks around with lifting straps on his wrists? For those of you unfamiliar with weight lifting, lifting straps are nylon straps you loop around your wrist then wrap them around the weight bar to keep your hands from slipping. I used to use them a lot when I was power lifting. Angry old man likes to strap himself to the handlebars on the stationary bikes. I don’t know if he thinks he is going to fall off or what, but he uses them all the time. did I mention he always looks like he’s mad? Yes, and he likes to ride the bike next to me. Every day. Sometimes he stares me down before he gets on his bike, and other times he stares at me while I ride my bike. He also likes to watch the readout on my bike then he tries to ride faster than me. I think we’re secretly racing. I’m not sure why he is doing this. Maybe I remind him of someone? I thought maybe I was riding his favorite bike so I ride a different bike each time, but every time he sits right next to me.

At first it was funny at first, but now he stares a lot, and he always looks mad? It’s beginning to piss me off. I may be an older, fatter version of myself, but I still don’t take any shit from anyone in the gym. He wasn’t there today. If I see him again, I may have to ask how his dog is. If he asks me why I’ll tell him I didn’t kick it, so quit giving me the stink eye.

Grumpy old bastard!

I other news,

I went to the doctor Monday. Turns out my A1C has dropped three points in three months, and my blood sugar is consistently between 88 and 124. That’s the lowest both have been in a long time. I think the gym is working. Now I just need to keep it up, so I can lose some more of my fatass-ness.