Today was a complete waste of a day. For some reason I woke up at 7:00am then woke up again at 9:30? I guess the two extra hours sleep was nice. I actually remembered some of my weird dream (I usually don’t remember my dreams). A lot of the places in the dream were familiar, but not part of the big three that I have a few times a year. It’s weird how things in dreams that you have never seen in real life can seem familiar like that. I guess the few extra hours sleep threw the rest of the day off. I got some studying done, but nowhere near as much as I had hoped to do. Let’s hope tomorrow is more productive.
Sunday I watched the Stupid Bowl at my brother’s house. I am in no way a football fan, but it was fun grilling burgers, shrimp, and asparagus. Any reason to crank up the grill can’t be half bad. The Seahawks blew the game in the last twenty seconds, but it was still fun to watch.
schmokeOn the way to my brother’s house I saw a guy trying to smoke a broken e-cigarette. It was one of those giant ones that looked like a light saber, and he kept puffing on it then looking, puffing, looking which made him look like he was giving mouth to mouth to a microphone. I hate e-cigarettes. The only way they help people to quit smoking is through pure embarrassment, because you are basically smoking a flashlight. I think most people use them because they can exhale Cheech and Chong sized smoke clouds. You can always tell who has one when they disappear in a HUGE could of vapor every few seconds. I don’t get it. Now they are saying the liquid you use to make those huge clouds is almost as bad for you as regular smoke. People just need to quit kidding themselves and quit smoking period.


On a random note, I’m listening to my friends internet radio show. She is a jack of all trades (surfer, clothing designer, promoter, and about a hundred other things).
(WUN) Love Radio –